is for sale!

Please use the “BUY via AFTERNIC” button to buy this premium domain directly. You will be directed to AFTERNIC website to complete the transaction.

However, for some cases, we are open to negotiate the domain’s price. Please send us your best offer using the “SEND OFFER” box. We will contact you soon to answer your offer.

Or, inform us your desired offer:

How to Buy Premium Domain in

Check the Domain’s Details

Check your preferred domain. Make sure whether it has a fixed price or you have to make an offer first.

You can buy the fixed price domain directly using BUY NOW button at the domain’s page, and do the payment process through third party payment system service available for that domain (we use one of the following third parties: SEDO, DAN, and/or AFTERNIC). 

Regarding domains with “Make an Offer” options, please use the contact form on each domain page to make an appropriate offer. We will reply to your offer soon, so we can negotiate the proper price.

Pay to Neutral Account

All of the transactions here will go through the domain’s marketplace where I listed my domains. It can be SEDO, DAN, and/or AFTERNIC.

You can do the payment  using a lot of payment option choices, such as Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), PayPal, Alipay, and many more, depending on the third party payment system we use for specific domain.

We also accept payment options based on your request. Feel free to contact us to ask for your desired payment option.

Process the Transfer

We will transfer the domain to your account once the payment received by the neutral account of the payment system we used.

It can be pushed to your domain registrar account (if you use the same registrar), or transferred to your domain registrar by using domain’s auth code.

All of the process will be monitored by the third party, and they will assist you step by step until the transfer finished. We, as a seller, will never receive any payment before everything’s done (All third party payment systems will hold your payment until the process is completed).