About us

Hi. I am Muhammad Ihsan, an Indonesian guy who run this website Ichanx.com. I live with my wife, who also helps me run this premium domain business in her spare time as a pharmacist.

This website is my personal site to show my premium domain names portfolio, and also articles I write regarding the domain’s world. Since this website is only a portfolio, all of the transactions here will go through the domain’s marketplace where I listed my domains. So, you will also find my domains listed somewhere in Dan, Sedo, Afternic and/or Godaddy Auctions.

I started a domain-selling business in 2009 as my spare time activity. Since September 2018, I quit my job as a Government Auditor to get more focus on domain business, while also starting my wildest dream in having a Sheep Farms in my hometown. You can find my professional’s profile bio on my Linkedin page.

You can contact me anytime using the Contact Us form, or email directly to [email protected].

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